Chemical Absorbent Pads


Mundo Oil Spill Absorbent Pads

_Prevent oil from staining the table.
_Reduce the possibility of bug invasion.
_Most suitable for house Kitchen and Restaurant use.
_Available in various sizes.

* Not only can prevent the spill of oil also can make your environment look cleaner.
* When the ships spill the oil, you can put it in the sea which could reduce water pollution.
* Easy to clean, because it can control the range of spill oil, you don't have to worry.
* Diverse usage, you can put it anywhere, including factory, sea...
* It's foldable that can solve the problems of insufficient spaces.
* Keep the flow table clean. Absorb the fluids by the edible oil, waste oil after cooking.








Standard Size Absorbency Color Logo
400 * 500 mm 600 ml / pad Customized Available
Customized Customized Customized Available




Chemical Absorbent Pads